Breaking Patents Won’t Help Egyptian Patients

Egypt has the largest patient population in the Middle East and North Africa and plays an increasingly pivotal role in the research, development and manufacturing of new medicines. The country hosts more clinical trials for new treatments than any other in the region.

EU Commission Report: Saudi Arabia Must Improve IP Protection

Improving intellectual property (IP) protection and enforcement will be critical to achieving Saudi Arabia’s health care goals. But the European Commission’s biennial “Report on the Protection and Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in Third Countries” shows there is still much work to do.

The Road to a Healthier Saudi Arabia

Over the last several years, Saudi Arabia has taken steps to strengthen its respect for intellectual property, but recent actions by health authorities undermine this development and impact investment in innovative medicines and treatments.

Biopharmaceutical Innovators Launch “Health Forward” to Highlight Innovation and Health Solutions

Health Forward to highlight pro-innovation policies and solutions that can improve patients’ lives and increase private sector investment.